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St. John Vianney Catholic Church at 54045 Schoenherr Rd., Shelby Township, MI 48315-1403 US - Home

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Saint John Vianney Catholic community furthers the Mission of Christ in the sharing of the Gospel by welcoming, serving and celebrating as we strengthen God's Kingdom here on Earth.


From Fr. Tim Mazur:

Recently, there have been some changes that have been occurring within our Parish Religious Education program at St. John Vianney.  A few weeks ago our Religious Education Director, Maurine Dailey, informed me that after much thought and prayerful consideration, she was taking on a new position at St. Faustina in Warren.  The position will enable her to utilize her gifts and talents in new ways as she will not only be working in Religious Education, but also in Christian service and Worship as well.  While it was very difficult for her to make the change, she is very enthusiastic about ministering at St. Faustina.  I am very grateful for Maurine’s two years of service here at St. John Vianney and ask that you join me in praying for her as she begins her new venture.
I am very pleased to let you know that we have been blessed with two very wonderful people to take on the responsibilities of directing our Religious Education Program.  John Lajiness is our new Director of Religious Education and Alice Doppel is our new Assistant Director of Religious Education.  They both come to us with a wealth of experience, great enthusiasm, a love of children and a deep faith and love of the Lord.  Please take a few minutes to read their introductory articles.  I ask that you pray for them and help me to welcome them so that they can immediately feel at home here at St. John Vianney.

God Bless, Fr. Tim

Your new Director of Religious Education, a red-head and a changed life
She had red hair and she taught me everything in a matter of minutes.
My wife was an early childhood educator who had, during her pregnancy, read every book on having babies that there had ever been written.  I’m not even kidding.  She had plowed through every “What to Expect” and “Girlfriend’s Guide” that the bookstores could keep in stock.  She knew it all.
I had spent most of my life thinking I was called to be a priest.  Back then, when my siblings had kids, I made sure they knew that I did not change diapers, I hated crying, and if they made me watch their kids I would give them so many Pixi-stix it was sure to induce a sugar coma.  So, fast forward 10 years when I discovered I was called to marriage, in my newly discovered vocation as husband and dad-to-be – what did I do to prepare?  NOTHING.  I read no parenting books, no parenting articles, and was CERTAINLY not going to waste my time in any of those “parenting” classes.   I knew nothing.
 And then came our red-head!  She was tiny, intoxicatingly beautiful, and I could not take my eyes off her.  And that was fortunate because my wife developed high blood pressure.  This meant I was on my own with our daughter for THREE days while my wife stayed in the hospital.  I told the nurse, “I’m sorry.  There’s been some mistake!!!  My wife is the expert on all of this.  I’m just some hack who doesn’t have a clue.”  The nurse looked at me with a smile and said “You’re all that little girl has right now! You’ll figure it out.”  I remember looking at my beautiful red-head thinking, “I’m sorry you’re stuck with me, girly, but I will give you everything I have…every last ounce.”
I learned everything that night.  I had been a Catholic all my life but that night I really learned what it meant to trust God with your whole heart.  I thought I had “loved” many people, but that night I learned what love was.  I had a theology degree and had been a Director of Religious Education for years.  However, that night, I truly learned what it meant to want to show Jesus to a child and not have the first clue on how to do it.
My name is John Lajiness, and I am incredibly honored to be your new Director of Religious Education.  Yes, I have 15 years of experience and a Masters degree.  But, I’ll be honest with you: none of that prepared me to serve you as much as that beautiful red-head has.  I now have four children, my wife and I have been married for twelve years and we are just like you.  We are desperately trying to juggle schedules, keep our house from falling apart, and we sneak sleep in between grocery runs and work.  In the midst of that chaos, though, we know Jesus in a real way.  We have seen His grace in the Church change our lives.  We would literally do anything to show our kids, and anyone else, the power that love has to change everything.
So, from one half-baked, sleep-deprived, scheduled-out parent to another, I would like to invite you to join me.  Let’s make sure every kid in this parish has a chance to really see how incredible God is and how much he wants for their life!  Let’s make sure every family knows that this parish will stop at nothing to help them grow in love for each other and their God!  Let’s make “religious education” not some box we check on the way to some obligation, but a chance to get swept up in the beauty and awesomeness of our God and His Church on our way to experiencing his embrace in the sacraments.  Just like God gave me everything I needed that night, He will do the same for us.  Let’s do this!!
 I am a husband, a dad, and I’m honored to be your Director of Religious Education.
John Lajiness, Director of Religious Education

Meet Alice Doppel

Hello!  I am Alice Doppel, the new Assistant Director of Religious Formation.  I come from St. Blase in Sterling Heights where I was the Director of Children’s Faith Formation.  Together with John Lajiness,  I plan on getting the Faith Formation Program up and rolling while, at the same time, getting to know you and your children. There are a lot more of you than the two of us; we have to learn lots of new names and faces—so go easy on us!     
Let me tell you some things about myself.  First, I am a wife to my dear husband, Tim and mother of three wonderful sons, two of whom  are married to the best daughter-in-laws in the world.  And I’m first-time grandma, too!  So you might hear me talking about Eva who is just over one year old.  I enjoy biking, swimming and picking up my feet on the couch after a long days’ work.  The best dish I like to make in the kitchen is “reservations” and I enjoy travel and walking in nature—I love trees!  My other hobby is music.  I like to sing and play the piano.  I’ve already had a chance to sit at your beautiful grand piano in church and play a little bit.  I have a feeling whenever I need a little distraction, that’s where the office staff will find me!
I have worn many different hats in ministry through my years at St. Blase; here are some of them.  Children’s Choir Director, Piano Accompanist, Children’s Liturgy of the Word Coordinator, VBS Coordinator, Preschool Coordinator, Grades 1-5 Coordinator, Grades 6-8 Coordinator, Director of Religious Education.  I think that’s plenty!  That’s why I’m going to now enjoy working at St. John Vianney part-time as John’s assistant!  

Looking forward to meeting you!  

Giving Made Simple

We now offer quick and easy automatic direct debit for your donations to the church!  Just CLICK HERE  and sign up for an account and you can make a single, weekly or monthly donation.  Your donation will be deducted safely from either your checking or savings account.  You can even make donations to Catholic Services Appeal or McRest!

Schedule & Events

Getting to Know Our Faith
Rediscovering the Beauty and Power of Catholicism
Have you grown up Catholic but feel that there is so much more to learn about your faith?
Have you ever been asked questions about your Catholic faith that you wish you could
answer but you just didn’t know how? Learn more about Mary, the Bible, the Rosary, Miracles, the Trinity, Morality, Catholic Devotions, Catholic Social Teaching, Handing on the Faith to our Children and Evangelization.

Then save these dates and join us for the following presentations.  All presentations are between 7:00 and 8:30 PM.

Sep 9     The Bible by Anita Houghton
Oct 7     The Rosary by Phil Mooney
Nov 11   Morality by John Lajiness
Dec 2     Mary by Fr. John Fletcher, CC

Each session will consist of a talk and time for Q&A. There is no charge for the sessions. This adult formation opportunity is open to all.

SJV Men Group 
The SJV Mens Group meets the first and third Saturday of every month.  Contact Deacon Mike
for more info.
Tuesday Morning Women’s Book Club
Are you looking for a way to strengthen your faith with like minded women from St John Vianney as well as women from other parishes in our community? Come be a part of our Tuesday Morning Women’s Book Club! Click Here for more info.
SJV Ladies Auxiliary
Click here for a list of meetings and events.

Bible Study
Wesnesdays at 10 A.M & 7 P.M.  Discussions about the upcoming readings.  Contact
Fritzi Bohlmann for information.




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